10 things to do in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the world’s only remaining Grand Duchy and the Grand Duke’s palace is also the seat of government and home to the chamber of deputies. It couldn’t happen in any other country, but in Luxembourg you can watch the changing of the guard while sipping a hot chocolate on the terrace of the Chocolate House ....

The Greatest Places In The World To Get Hot Chocolate

Located across from the Grand Palace in Luxembourg City, the Chocolate House is a must for anyone who finds themselves in the center of this small European country. The highlight of the Chocolate House experience comes from picking out your "chocolate spoon," which is ...


Le Jeudi: Nathalie Bonn sélectionnée femme de l’année

C’est une histoire de gourmandise, mais pas seulement.

Entrer dans la Chocolate House à Luxembourg, c’est découvrir des «mugs de chocolat chaud envoyés du ciel» et «les gâteaux maison les plus décadents», comme le vantent de nombreux blogs de voyage. Mais c’est surtout entrer chez Nathalie Bonn. Là, aux manettes de sa machine à café, calée derrière le comptoir aux mille friandises, elle se sent bien.