Inimitable originals: our own creations

An offering fit for royalty: at the CHOCOLATE HOUSE we use only the very finest Belgian and French chocolates to conjure up our supreme chocolate creations. We use absolutely no vegetable fats or palm oil, no artificial flavourings and colourings, no flavour enhancers and no preservatives. That’s how we achieve the quality that you find so enchanting.

Vegan, lactose-free, halal …. we also have something to offer anyone with a particular requirement. Just ask us. We offer allergy sufferers a range of specialities free of gluten, nuts or milk.

A creative variety: The CHOCOLATE HOUSE OF LUXEMBOURG offers a host of hand-made chocolate figures in keeping with the season. Why not treat yourself or surprise a loved one with a beautifully packed gift or pralines? We’ll be delighted to create something completely personal and unique just for you.


Hot Chocolate Spoon

Delicious chocolate on a wooden spoon:
Pour in hot milk. Dip in your spoon. Give it a quick stir. And that’s it. Now simply relax and enjoy …

Pralines & truffles

At the CHOCOLATE HOUSE you only need one thing: the time to enjoy. For every one of our products is both a pleasure and a masterpiece. Precisely handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail.


you can choose from our superb range of chocolate spreads which numbers 18 in total.


Whether you choose “hot chili” or “strawberry” chocolate – you’ll enjoy a simply heavenly fondue … Suitable for any time of year – with friends or family.


These wafer-thin discs are available in countless versions and can be enjoyed with nuts, dried fruit, pieces of cocoa or unadorned.

Cakes and tarts

We offer cakes and tarts for every occasion and tailored to individual needs: vegan, halal …. we also have something to offer anyone with a particular requirement.